The Dairy Farming Handbook 2017 (Dr CJC Muller)


Dr CJC Muller

Publication date



Section 1: Dairy catthe nutrition and feeding

Chapter 1 General introduction to dairy farming
Chapter 2 Ruminant digestion – how the rumen works
Chapter 3 The digestion of feeds in dairy cows
Chapter 4 Economic factors affecting dairy farming
Chapter 5 Classification and nutritional properties of feeds
Chapter 6 The chemical composition of feeds
Chapter 7 Home-mixing of dairy cattle diets
Chapter 8 Rearing replacement heifers from birth to three months of age
Chapter 9 Rearing heifers from three months of age to first calving
Chapter 10 Managing replacement heifers to first calving
Chapter 11 Feeding lactating dairy cows
Chapter 12 Feeding and management of dry cows
Chapter 13 The live weight and body condition score of dairy cows
Chapter 14 Establishing and managing cultivated pastures
Chapter 15 Concentrate feeding of dairy cows on cultivated pasture
Chapter 16 Managing cows on cultivated pastures
Chapter 17 Establishing forage crops for silage and hay production
Chapter 18 Ensiling forage crops and surplus pasture
Chapter 19 Feeding additives to dairy cows

Section 2: Housing for dairy cattle

Chapter 20 Climatic influences on the performance of dairy cows
Chapter 21 Housing requirements of dairy cows
Chapter 22 Shading for dairy cows
Chapter 23 Manure management on dairy farms
Chapter 24 Feed troughs – a basic requirement on dairy farms
Chapter 25 Housing of young calves and heifers

Section 3: Reproduction management in dairy herds

Chapter 26 The reproductive system of dairy cows: Anatomy and physiology
Chapter 27 Managing dairy cows post-partum to first service
Chapter 28 Heat detection in dairy cows
Chapter 29 The artificial insemination of dairy cows
Chapter 30 Record keeping for reproduction management in dairy herds
Chapter 31 Reproduction norms and standards for dairy herds
Chapter 32 Changing the reproduction management protocol
Chapter 33 Evaluating reproduction management using farm records
Chapter 34 Non-genetic factors affecting fertility in Holstein cows
Chapter 35 The flow of animals in a dairy herd
Chapter 36 Using technology in reproduction management of dairy cows

Section 4: Dairy cattle breeding

Chapter 37 Genetic improvement of dairy herds
Chapter 38 The national milk recording scheme for dairy cows
Chapter 39 Sire selection in dairy herds
Chapter 40 Selection of dairy cows
Chapter 41 The culling rate in dairy herds
Chapter 42 Crossbreeding in dairy herds
Chapter 43 Beef production from the dairy herd
Chapter 44 Improving efficiency in dairy herds
Chapter 45 Reducing the environmental impact of dairy farming
Chapter 46 Breeding and the live weight of dairy cows
Chapter 47 Factors affecting the milk price of dairy cows

Section 5: Milk production and quality

Chapter 48 Anatomy and physiology of lactation
Chapter 49 The composition of milk
Chapter 50 Factors affecting the composition of milk
Chapter 51 Milking parlour hygiene
Chapter 52 Mastitis and milk quality
Chapter 53 Milking parlours for modern dairies

Section 6: Health and biosecurity

Chapter 54 Metabolic diseases in dairy cows
Chapter 55 Vaccines and immunisation of dairy cattle
Chapter 56 Biosecurity on dairy farms
Chapter 57 Lameness in dairy cattle