Milk South Africa and a profile of the South African Dairy Industry

MilkSA Brochure 2022

Milk South Africa 
is entrusted by the Government to administrate statutory regulations in pursuit of its strategic direction to broaden the market for milk and other dairy products, improve the international competitiveness of the dairy industry and empower previously disadvantaged persons. 

The primary and secondary industry sectors of the South African dairy industry are, in respect of issues of collective interest, united in Milk South Africa and therefore, the Milk Producers Organization (MPO) and the SA Milk Processors Organization (SAMPRO) are the members of Milk South Africa. The MPO is the representative body of the producers of unprocessed milk and SAMPRO is the representative body of the milk processors and manufacturers of dairy products in South Africa. 

Since 2002 already, Milk South Africa has been adding value to the South African dairy industry through the promotion of the image and consumption of South African dairy products and the development of the South African dairy industry through value-added services such as to:

  • Educate the consumer about the nutrition and health benefits of dairy;
  • Improve the quality and safety of dairy products;
  • Publish reliable statistical and other information;
  • Promote the South African dairy trade dispensation;
  • Co-ordinate, initiate and fund research and development projects; and
  • Transfer knowledge and skills to previously disadvantaged persons.