Strategic Principles and Objectives

Strategic principles:
  • The strategic direction of Milk South Africa is to broaden the market for milk and other dairy products, improvement of the international competitiveness of the dairy industry and empowerment of previously disadvantaged individuals.
  • The strategic direction described in the previous paragraph was the result of a comprehensive process of study and consultation involving the Department of Trade and Industry and the Department of Agriculture.
  • The strategic direction resulted in strategies that are financed by the levies implemented in terms of regulations promulgated in terms of the Marketing of Agricultural Products Act, as well as other strategies that are not financed from levy income.
  • Milk South Africa is positioned to be the instrument through which the primary and secondary dairy industries (MPO and SAMPRO) deal with common challenges and is not intended to replace, duplicate, or undermine the actions of the MPO and SAMPRO.

Strategic objectives:
  • Consumer education: To inform consumers of the health and nutritional advantage of milk and other dairy products in order to increase the size of the market.
  • Quality of milk and other dairy products: To improve the quality of milk and other dairy products and compliance with legal standards.
  • Empowerment of previously disadvantaged individuals through actions to improve knowledge and skills: To improve the knowledge and skills of previously disadvantaged individuals.
  • Empowerment of previously disadvantaged individuals by actions not covered by the statutory regulations: To determine actions that can be undertaken by the organised dairy industry, in addition to that determined by the statutory regulations, to promote empowerment of previously disadvantaged individuals and transformation of the dairy industry.
  • Research and development: To promote research that is functional to the strategic direction of Milk South Africa and the application of local and international research.
  • Industry information: To identify and make available statistical and other information regarding the dairy industry to make market signals more available and visible.
  • Administration of statutory regulations: To successfully administer the regulations.
  • South Africa's international trade dispensation in respect of milk and other dairy products: To take action to promote dispensations in respect of the different issues that supports the development of the South African dairy industry in accordance with national objectives.
  • Constructive co-operation amongst the role players in the dairy industry, including Government: To promote constructive co-operation amongst role players in the dairy industry in harmony with the Competition Act and other legal requirements.