Custom Duties & Market Access

    The Customs Duties and Market Access Project contributes to a trade dispensation that supports the growth and development of the dairy industry in South Africa. This includes representing Milk SA (as a member) on:

    • The National Animal Health Forum (NAHF); and
    • The Agricultural Trade Forum (ATF)

    The goal of NAHF is to improve veterinary services and the compliance with animal health standards through public private partnerships. In 2021, the project liaised actively with the Directorate Animal Health and Directorate Veterinary Services of DALRRD and NAHF to share information on animal diseases including the foot-and-mouth disease outbreaks.

    The Agricultural Trade Forum is a platform where agricultural industries together with Government can compile trade protocols and strategies for negotiations with numerous trading partners / countries to the benefit of all agricultural industries. The international trade dispensation covers issues such as:

    • Ordinary customs duties;
    • Action against dumping and subsidized imports;
    • Provision for rebate of customs duties;
    • Government policy in respect of the issues already mentioned;
    • Trade agreements that influence or determine the issues already mentioned as well as rules of origin and access by South Africa’s dairy industry to foreign markets; and technical requirements in respect of imports and exports

    Project Manager: 

    De Wet Jonker

    De Wet Jonker