Enterprise Development

The transformation strategy of Milk SA came into being as a result of inclusive consultative workshops in the provinces and at national level. Participants at the workshops were
commercial milk processors, commercial producers of unprocessed milk, emerging producers of unprocessed milk and government officials. Informed by the outcome of the workshops and the objectives of the statutory measures, Milk SA adopted a strategy for black dairy enterprise development to be driven by its Transformation Manager.

Support is given based on analyses of the factors that limit meaningful smallholder dairy development. Such support follows a holistic approach which recognizes that success in the dairy industry is also dependent on external / macro factors which cannot be controlled by the enterprises. Therefore, Milk SA also facilitates support for the enterprises concerned from bodies in public and private sectors such as input suppliers and other parties in the value chain.

Milk SA's support in this regard includes the provision of heifers, ESKOM and other electricity, milking parlour upgrades, milking equipment, dairy herd health services, fodder, pasture establishment, assistance to meet the legal and regulatory requirements applicable to the dairy industry, transfer of skills and knowledge.

Support is limited to existing black dairy entrepreneurs in the primary and secondary dairy industry sectors who meet specific criteria such as a demonstrated commitment of the entrepreneur to develop the enterprise, access to a market for the produce, sufficient land ownership or long term lease agreement with potential to implement appropriate feeding plan, availability of sufficient potable water and a possibility for reliable electricity.


Project Manager: 

Godfrey Rathogwa

Godfrey Rathogwa